Therapeutic Potentials

A weak solution of chlorine dioxide in water is used topically and orally and recommended by individual MDs and other licensed health care professionals in numerous countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Germany as part of the treatment protocol for a wide range of diseases.

Because of confusion and a climate of fear created by media-generated hysteria on the subject and the lack of sponsored research – the result of long standing government and pharmaceutical industry disinterest in inexpensive and non-patentable disease treatments – the public at large has little awareness of chlorine dioxide and its potentials and very few opportunities to work with practitioners experienced in its use.

However, books, articles, videos and other media describing its use and efficacy are available.

Many thousands of people worldwide have self-treated themselves with a weak solution of chlorine dioxide to successfully treat a wide range of diseases and their accounts can be found on the Internet. (Chlorine dioxide is sometimes referred to as MMS or CD.)

A complete understanding of all the physiological actions of chlorine dioxide in the human body is not yet available because to date no tax-supported or corporate research dollars have been invested to follow up on the thousands of self-reported cases of its safe and effective use.

Chlorine dioxide is proven to be highly effective against fungi, viruses, bacteria, spores and protozoa both in laboratory and real world settings. To date no pathogenic micro-organism tested against chlorine dioxide has proven resistant.

A partial list of the bacteria, viruses, mold, bacterial spores, and protozoa chlorine dioxide has been demonstrated to be effective against: listeria, MSRA, MDRS, salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus, tuberculosis, foot and mouth disease, hepatitis A, B, and C, HIV, influenza, poliovirus, rotavirus, SARS, aspergillus, anthrax, and giardia. Click here for a more complete list with scientific references.

Given that chlorine dioxide has been routinely used around the world and for many decades to purify public drinking water for hundreds of millions of people; purify drinking water in backwoods or emergency settings; decontaminate fruit, vegetables and meat; and used in dental care products, a reasonable person could conclude that used correctly it is non-toxic.